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Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC Atrium


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Fan Gao

Does Human Hand Perform Like A Robotic Gripper? -- An Examination Of Internal Forces During Object Manipulation

Xun Niu

Effects Of The Grasping Force Magnitude On The Individual Digit Forces During Prehension With Five Digits

Fong-Chin Su

Thumb Muscle Forces In Jar Opening

Pablo-Jesús Rodríguez-Cervantes

A Virtual Tool For The Clinical Planning Of The Ulnar Palsy Treatment

Chris Ugbolue

Kinematics Of Mouse Scrolling

Ajay Gupta

Factors Affecting Lunate's Sagittal Alignment

Jennifer Di Domizio

The Effects Of Wrist Splinting On Muscle Activity During A Hand Grip Task

Asimakis Kanellopoulos

An Investigation Of External Loading Patterns Applied During Maximal Grip

Wei Zhang

Accurate Production Of Patterns Of The Total Moment By A Set Of Fingers

Warren G. Darling

Perception Of Hand Motion Direction Uses A Gravitational Reference

Jeremy Mogk

Modeling Extrinsic Finger Flexor Tendon Kinematics

Jae Kun Shim

Enslaving Effects Of Finger Movement On Pressing Forces Of Other Fingers

Jessica Woodworth

Impact Of Restricted Pip Joints On MCP Joint Motion In The Human Hand

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