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Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC Atrium


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Kristina Calder

Practice Distribution And The Aquisition Of Maximal Isometric Elbow Flexion Strength

Hiroshi Akima

Neuromuscular Adaptation In Human Calf After Disuse Evaluated By Muscle FMRI And EMG

Francisco J. Vera-Garcia

Trunk And Shoulder Muscle Response Comparing One Repetition Maximum Bench And Standing Cable Press

Ken B. Geronilla

Age Affects Eccentric Muscle Performance In Vivo During A Chronic Exposure Of Stretch-Shortening Cycles

Marco Aurelio Vaz

Long Term Model Of Botulinum Toxin-Induced Muscle Weakness In The Rabbit

Sean P. Flanagan

The Effect Of Movement Speed And External Load On Joint Contributions During Lower Extremity Extensions

Wen-Lan Wu

The Effects Of Periodized Complex Training Programme On Military Physical Fitness And Fighting Ability

Phu Hoang

Passive Length-Tension Properties Of Human Gastrocnemius Change After Eccentric Exercise

Kenneth Meijer

A Cross Sectional MRI Study Of The M. Rectus Femoris Morphology In Cyclists, Runners And Sprinters

Ben Meyer

A Comparison Of Hip Extension Torques In Conventional And Split Squat Exercises

William Bertucci

Validity Of The New Powertap Powermeter And Axiom Cycle Ergometer When Compared With An SRM Device

Gustavo Nunes Tasca Ferreira

Impact Of Flexibility On Muscular Performance Of The Knee

Jean L. McCrory

Acute Muscle Adaptations To A Resistance Exercise

Tetsuro Muraoka

Effect Of 20 Days Of Bed Rest On Passive Mechanical Properties Of Human Gastrocnemius Muscle Belly

Dean Hay

Human Bilateral Deficit During Dynamic, Multi-Joint Leg Press Movement

Mingfeng Kao

The Validity Of Active Squat Keen Joint Propriception Test

Michael Duffey

Fatigue Effects On Bar Kinematics During The Bench Press

Raghavan Gopalakrishnan

Effects Of Long-Term Space Flight On Muscle Volume

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