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Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC Atrium


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Thomas Pressel

Mechanical Properties Of Canine Trabecular Bone

Andrew Briggs

Distribution Of Bone Mineral Density In Thoracic And Lumbar Vertebrae: An Ex Vivo Study Using Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA)

Sylvie Wendling-Mansuy

Regeneration Of Skeletal Tissues On Joint

Sylvie Wendling-Mansuy

Bone Remodeling Model Of A Basic Multicellular Unit

Amy Johnson

A Synthetic Model For Mechanical Evaluation Of Vertebral Bone

Mary Lou Bareither

Bone Mineral Density Of The Proximal Femur Is Not Related To Dynamic Joing Loading During Locomotion

GuoXin Ni

Nanoindentation Study Of Interfaces Between Strontium-Containing Hydroxyapatite Bone Cement And Bone In A Rabbit Hip Replacement Model

Won Joo

Cross-Modal Effect Of Damage On Cortical Bone Strength

Arzu Gul Tasci

Biomechanical And Histological Evaluation Of Estrogen, Raloxifen, Vitamin K2 And Their Combinations In The Treatment Of Osteoporotic Bone

J.E. Brouwers

Resonant Frequency Shifts In Osteotomised Goat Tibiae

Hans A. Gray

Validated Finite Element Model Of A Composite Tibia

Annie Ming-Tzu Tsai

Effect Of Single Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Stimulation On The Proliferation Of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Brandi Row

Load-Specific Relationships Between Muscular Power And Bone Mineral Density

Cheryl Dunham

Mechanical Properties Of Cancellous Bone Of The Distal Humerus

Ger Reilly

Sequential Labelling And Acoustic Emission Analysis Of Damage Occurring In Cortical Bone During Indentation Cutting

Jaw-Lin Wang

Regional Variation Of Bone Strain Creep Of Vertebral Body During Repetitive Loading - An In Vitro Porcine Biomechanical Model

Renfeng Su

Bone Mechanics From Finite Element Modeling And Micro-Computed Tomography: Validation Of An Orthotropic Material Model With Fused Deposition Modeling

Boon Horng Kam

In Vivo Micro CT Scanning Of A Rabbit Distal Femur

Jessica Goetz

In Vitro Validation Of Thermal Finite Element Analysis Of Cryoinsult Delivery For Emu Femoral Head Necrosis

Stacey A. Meardon

The Effects Of Mechanosensitivity On The Prediction Of Bone Formation Rate

Roland Steck

Bridging Organ- And Tissue Level Computational Models Of Bone To Improve Load-Induced Fluid Flow Predictions

Nils Goetzen

The Mouse As A Model Organism For Human Skeletal Diseases - A Biomechanical Study

Wafa Tawackoli

Vibrational Analysis Of Normal And Osteopenic Trabecular Bone Using Rapid Prototype Duplicates

Junghwa Hong

Measurement Sysytem With Nano-Resolution Of Microscopic Bone Propery

Eric Anderson

Novel In Silico Virtual & Scaled Up Physical Model Platform To Bridge Gaps In Understanding In Situ Flow Regimes at Multiple Length Scales In Bone

David Hudson

Lower Limb Structure And Function Predict Bone Density Of The Proximal Tibia

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