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Posture and Balance



Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC Atrium


Paper Title

Yun Wang

Stepping From A Narrow Support

Kevin Pline

Effects Of Lumbar Extensor Fatigue And Circumferential Ankle Pressure On Ankle Joint

Alan Walmsley

Measures Of Postural Stability During Quiet Stance

Cristina Sa

Comparative Balance Analysis Between Indoor Climbing Individuals And Control Using Posturography Test

Chris Hass

The Relationship Between Knee Extensor Strength And Balance In Parkinson's Disease

Attila A. Priplata

Noise-Enhanced Balance Control: The Worse You Are The Better You Get

Ellen Rogers

Paraspinal Reflex Behavior As A Function Of Trunk Posture

Wen-Chieh Yang

Development Of The Portable Posture Training Device

Ge Wu

Postural Control Strategies In People With And Without Peripheral Neuropathy - A Neural Network Approach

Clarice Tanaka

Postural Control Under Visual And Proprioceptive Perturbations During Double And Single Limb Stance

Haruhiko Sato

Postural Sway On A Sliding Platform: Assessing Spatial And Temporal Stability

Clarice Tanaka

Postural Control In Skilled Athletes In Response To Unexpected Perturbation

Jeffrey M. Schiffman

Soldiers' Loads Affect Random Walk Of Center Of Pressure

Alessandro Telonio

Effect Of Perturbation Direction On The Threshold Of Balance Recovery

Chiung Ling Chen

The Body Center Of Mass Displacement During Various Types Of Support Surface Perturbation

Liliam F. de Oliveira

Anticipation Mechanism And Influence Of Fatigue In Mediolateral Stabilogram

Kei Masani

Smaller Sway During Quiet Stance Attributes To Effective Use Of Body Velocity

Koichi Shinkoda

Characteristics Of Standing And Anterior Tilting Postures In Relation To The Time Of Day

Michelle Heller

The Effects Of External Weight Carriage On Postural Stability

Jianhua Wu

Fractal Dynamics Of Human Stabilogram In Quiet Stance

Marc-Andre Cyr

Effect Of Recovery Restrictions On The Threshold Of Balance Recovery - Prelimnary Results

Isabelle Patenaude

A Paradigm To Assess Electromyographic And Kinematic Responses During Anteroposterior Surface Translations In Sitting Following Whiplash Injuries

Mark Musolino

Postural Sway Adaptation During Initial Exposure To Periodic And Non-Periodic Optic Flow

Esther Kim

Effects Of Arch Height And Accomodation On Postural Stability

Hugo Centomo

Postural Control And Postural Mechanisms In Obese And Control Children.

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