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Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC Atrium


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Can A. Yucesoy

Acute Effects Of Intramuscular Aponeurotomy Assessed By Finite Element Modeling

Sharon Bullimore

Effect Of Stretch Or Shortening Amplitude On Subsequent Isometric Muscle Force

Kazuyuki Mito

Influence Of Skin Temperature On Mechanomyogram Of M. Biceps Brachii

Huub Maas

In Vivo Fascicle Length Of Cat Medial Gastrocnemius And Soleus Muscles During Slope Walking

Ian Loram

Measuring Continuous Changes In Human Muscle Length, In Vivo, Using Ultrasound

Laura Frey Law

Accuracy Of Three Mathematical Models vs. Human Trained Paralyzed Muscle

Huub Maas

The Origin Of Mechanical Interactions Between Adjacent Synergists In Rat

Phu Hoang

Non-Invasive Measurment Of Passive Length-Tension Properties Of Human Gastrocnemius Muscle Fascicles, Tendons, And Whole Muscle-Tendon Units In Vivo

Tyler Brown

The EMG-Torque Relationship Of The Knee Extensors During Acute Fatigue

Hiroshi Arakawa

Relationship Between Moment-Joint Angle Characteristics Of Knee Flexion And Architecture Of Hamstrings Muscles In Human

Toshiaki Oda

In Vivo Muscle Fiber Kinetics During Tetanic Contraction

Gregory Sutton

Neuromodulation Changes The Biomechanics And Capabilities Of The Aplysia Feeding Muscle I2

Kazushige Sasaki

Shortening Velocity Of Human Plantar Flexors In Vivo And Its Relation To Contraction Intensity And Knee Angle

Li Le

In Vivo Determination Of Muscle Architecture Parameters By Ultrasonography: Applications To The Brachialis Muscle Of Normal Subjects And Persons After Stroke

Norihide Sugisaki

Behavior Of Aponeurosis And External Tendon Of Medial Gastrocnemius Muscle During Dynamic Plantar Flexion Exercise

Nadja Schilling

3D-Fiber Type Distribution In Back Muscles In Small Mammals

Toshiyuki Kurihara

Three-Dimensional Architecture Of Human Gastrocnemius And Tibialis Anterior Muscles During Isometric Actions

Sampath Gollapudi

Temperature-Dependent Mechanical Properties Of Human Soleus Muscle Fibers

Timothy J. Brindle

Sonographic Measures Of Gastrocnemius Length With Two-Joint Passive Movements

Lei Cui

Recruitment Order Has Little Effect On The Short-Range Stiffness

Yoshiho Muraoka

Heterogeneity Of Change In Muscle Circulation Among Synergists During Dynamic Muscle Action

Taku Wakahara

Effects Of Knee Joint Angle On The Force-Length And Velocity Characteristics Of Gastrocnemius Muscle

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