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Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC Atrium


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Munier Hossain

A Biomechanical Model Of Sacro-Iliac Joint Dysfunction As A Cause Of Low Back Pain

Takahiro Ishii

In Vivo 3D Intervertebral Motion Analysis Of The Cervical Spine In Lateral Bending Using 3D-MRI

Veronique Feipel

Head Repositioning Accuracy In Patients With Whiplash-Associated Disorders

Christine Herrmann

Increase In Amplitude Of Paraspinal Muscle Reflexes Following Lumbar Extensor Fatigue

Michael W. Olson

Activation Patterns Of Trunk Muscles During Cyclic Flexion-Extension

Kyungsoo Kim

Increase Of Lumbar Spinal Staiblity Under Follower Load In Sagittal Plane

Erik Cattrysse

In Vitro 3D Arthrokinematic Analysis Of Coupled Motions In The Atlanto-Axial Joint During Axial Rotation And Lateral Bending

Melanie Bussey

Motion Characteristics Of The Innominate-Hip Complex

Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan

Variation In Average And Peak Lumbar Disc Stresses By Level During Flexion Using A Combined Experimental And Finite Element Approach

Hongmei Jin

Measurement Of Difference Between Left And Right Rib Lengths On Scoliosis

Scott MacKinnon

Motion Induced Interruptions Increase Thoracolumbar Kinematics

Angela Viegas Andrade

Functional And Structural Cervical Spine Dysfunctions With Temporomandibular Disorders

Sam Augsburger

Analysis Of Inter-Segment Spine Kinematics During Trunk Motion

Paul J. Moga

Prevalence Of Back Pain In Seven Sports Based On Self-Reporting By A Sample Of 2268, 8-To-18 Year Old Adolescent Athletes

Jamie R. Williams

Comparison Of The Biomechanical Response Of A Lumbar Motion Segment To Loading And Unloading When Loads Are Applied Suddenly And At Normal Lifting Speeds

Bonnie Y.S. Tsung

Influence Of Posterio-Anterior Mobilization On Different Level Of The Spine

Steve Brown

Muscle Force-Stiffness Characteristics Influence Joint Stability: A Spine Example

Véronique Feipel

Upper Cervical Spine Modelling: In Vitro 3D Kinematics

Wafa Skalli

Inter Individual Variation In Trunk Muscles Geometry Of Asymptomatic Subjects In Standing Position.

Christian Larivière

Back Muscle Fatigue During Submaximal Intermittent Isometric Contractions: The Influence Of Neuromuscular Activation Patterns

Jim Dickey

Novel Approach For Studying Human Response To Whiplash-Like Perturbations

Chad A. Sutherland

The Accuracy Of Using Postural Assessment To Determine Cumulative Exposure

Ryan Milks

Biomechanical Comparison Of Adjacent Level Segmental Motion In The Cervical Spine With Varying Degrees Of Lordotic Alignment

L.W. Sun

The Accuracy Of Surface Measurement For Osteoporotic Spine Motion Analysis

Jaap van Dieen

Modeling Of Pelvis And Thorax Rotations In Healthy And Pathological Gait

L.W. Sun

Automatic Measurement Of Lumbar Spinal Kinematics From Lateral Radiographs

Jaap van Dieen

Can Repetitive Shear Loading Of Spinal Motion Segments Cause Disc Injury?

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