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Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC Atrium


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Erica Doczy

Neck Muscle Activity During Short Duration Impacts

Jui-Yi Tsou

The Applied Force Patterns Of Chest Compression During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Zhifeng Kou

A Comprehensive Approach To Studying Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries In Motor Vehicle Crashes

David E McNeely

Cumulative Head Accelerations In College Football Players Differ By Position

Lars Janshen

Muscular Stabilisation Of The Head In Car Collisions

Sylvie Wendling-Mansuy

Evidence For The Involment Of Muscular Pre-Activation In Impact Loading And In Shock Wave Transmission

Elizabeth Drewniak

Do Mechanical Properties Of Chest Protectors Correlate With The Incidence Of Ventricular Fibrillation In A Sudden Death (Commotio Cordis) Swine Model?

Cheng-Yu Wu

Computer Simulation Of Motorcycle-Car Accident

Wunching Chang

Injury Incidence And Footwear Satisfaction Of Male Competitive Ballroom Dancers

David Raymond

A Parametric MADYMO Analysis For The Determination Of Seat Belt Usage In A Frontal Collision

Mark B. Sommers

An Organotypic Model Of Traumatic Brain Injury Caused By Acceleration-Induced Shear Strain

David Raymond

Occupant Kinematic Analysis Of An Unbelted Minivan Passenger: A Free Body Approach

Darrin Richards

Repetitive Head Loading: Accelerations During Cyclic, Everyday Activities

Mariusz Ziejewski

Modified Methodology To Determine Head Acceleration

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