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Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC Atrium


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Joong Yull Park

Numerical Analysis On Bipolar Hepatic Radio-Frequency Ablation

Anita Chan

A New Portable 3-D Gyroscope System For The Evaluation Of Upper Limb Function

Elizabeth Ann Hassan

Comparison Of Upperlimb Kinematics Collected By Electromagnetic Tracking Versus Digital Camera Systems In A Gait Analysis Lab

Véronique Feipel

Use Of Strain Gauge In The Evaluation Of The Constraint Of Tibio-Femoral Joint In Dynamic Movement: Development, Feasibility And First Results

Higa Masaru

Measurements And Modeling Of The Descending Colon

Peter Dabnichki

Emotionally-Responsive Clothing For Leisure And Exercise Activities

Gail Perusek

Exercise Countermeasures Laboratory At NASA Glenn Research Center - A New Ground-Based Capability For Advancing Human Health And Performance In Space

Peter R. Cavanagh

Lower Extremity Loading During Entire Days Of Space Flight

Cody Bliss

An Instrumented Scaffold To Monitor Loading Of Cartilage In The Knee Joint

Metin Yavuz

A Comparison Of Various Digital Filtering Techniques Applied On Plantar Surface Pressure and Shear Data

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