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Vascular Mechanics and Fluid Flow


Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC Atrium


Paper Title

Fariborz Alipour

Measurement Of Turbulence In Glottal Flow

Zhi-Yong Li

Identifying Vulnerable Plaques Using MRI-Based Finite Element Analysis

Po-Kae Fung

Cardiac Catheter With Variable Head Curvature Actuated By Ipmc (Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite)

Jeong Chul Kim

The Paraquat Adsorption Pattern And Hemodynamic Properties Of Charcoal Column In Hemoperfusion

Yihkuen Jan

A Time-Frequency Approach Using Wavelets To Study Week-To-Week Variability In Blood Flow Oscillations

Zaher Kharboutly

Blood Flow Simulation In An Arterio-Venous Fistula

Alejandro Roldan

Simulation Of Blood Flow And Deformations Of Mechanical Heart Valves Using Boundary Integral Techniques

James Furmato

Repeatability Of DRT4 Lase Dopler Microvascular Measurements

Henry Yu Chen

3-D Finite Element Models Of Arterial Clamping With Fluid-Structure Interactions - A Step Toward Simulating Cardiovascular Surgery

Rachamadian Wulandana

Modeling Cerebral Aneurysm Formation And Associated Structural Changes

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