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Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Curtis S. To

A Hydraulic Approach To The Development Of A Variable Reciprocating Hip Mechanism For The Reciprocating Gait Orthosis

Margrit R. Meier

Obstacle Course Performance: Comparison Of The C-Leg To Two Conventional Knees

Glenn K. Klute

Lower Limb Amputee Activity Uneffected By Shock-Absorbing Pylon Or C-Leg Knee

Bae Tae Soo

How Much Do The Hip Abductors Contribute To The Gait Stability For Amputee With A Prosthesis?

Kang Sung Jae

Kinetic Gait Analysis Of Powered Gait Orthosis Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Michael S. Orendurff

C-Leg Knees Do Not Improve Stance Phase Knee Flexion Or Walking Efficiency In Older Transfemoral Amputees

Jeremy D. Smith

Intersegmental Dynamics Of The Swing Phase Of Walking In Trans-Tibial Amputees

Zaineb Bohra

Neuromuscular Adjustments To Hopping With An Elastic Ankle-Foot Orthosis

Stephen Cain

Motor Adaptation To A Powered Ankle-Foot Orthosis Under Foot Switch Control

Dewen Jin

Investigation On Slip Danger To Trans-Femoral Prosthesis User

Jiankun Yang

Lower Extremity Muscle Activities Of Trans-Femoral Amputees When A Slip Occurs In Gait

Slavyana Milusheva

Virtual Models And Prototype Of Individual Ankle Foot Orthosis

Siobhan Strike

One-Foot Vertical Jump With Approach In Unilateral Transtibial Amputees

Wei-Ching Hung

The Finite Element Analysis Of Interface Stresses Between The Foot And Ankle-Foot Orthoses

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