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Biomechanics of Jumping


Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Ikko Omura

Analysis Of The Approach Run And The Takeoff In The Japanese Junior Long Jumpers

Chenfu Huang

Optimal Extra Weight On Hands Enhance Standing Jump Performance

Yu Liu

Application Of Artificial Neural Network To Predict The Joint Torque Of Lower Limbs Using The Parameters Of Ground Reaction Force During Vertical Jump

Sarah E. Kruger

The Effect Of Load Scaling On The Coordination And Performance Of Countermovement Jumps.

Hiroyuki Koyama

Immediate Effects Of An Inclined Board As A Training Tool For The Takeoff Motion Of The Long Jump

Shinsuke Yoshioka

Effect Of Bilateral Asymmetry Of Lower Muscle Forces On Vertical Jumping Height: A Simulation Study

Yuya Muraki

Kinematic Analysis Of The Preparatory And Takeoff Motion In The Long Jump

Kenji Ohisshi

The Relationship Between Leg Length And Velocity Of Center Of Gravity During Contact Phase In The Long Jump

Saori Hanaki

Quantification Of Energy Absorbed By The Lower Extremity Depends On Endpoint Of The Impact Phase

Kathy J. Simpson

Approach Velocity Profiles Of Elite Male And Female Lower-Limb Amputee Long Jumpers

Witaya Mathiyakom

Generation Of Forward Angular Impulse In Tasks With Backward Translation

Jill McNitt-Gray

Regulation Of Reaction Force Direction And Angular Impulse During Jumping Tasks Via Redistribution Of Knee And Hip Net Joint Moments

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