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Falling and Fall Prevention


Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Hyun Gu Kang

Postural Local Dynamic Stability Is Not Predictive Of That During Locomotion

Bing-Shiang Yang

Adaptive Changes In Stepping Up And Onto Laterally-Compliant Structures: Age Difference In Healthy Males

Chou You-Li

The Correlation Between Energy Absorption Ratio And Pain Score Of The Upper Extremity Under Different Fall Heights

Heng-Ju Lee

Dynamic Stability And Energy Efficiency During Different Self-Selected Walking Speeds

Karrie L. Hamstra-Wright

Skill Acquisition Occurs During Fall-Preventive Motor Response Training

Karen L. Reed-Troy

Wrist Kinetics During Impact Are Affected By Hand Symmetry

Lloyd R. Wade

Gait Kinematics On An Elevated Inclined Surafce

Youngho Kim

Contributions Of Lower Limb Joints To Support The Body In Unexpected Step-Down Walking

April Chambers

Anticipation Of Slippery Floors: Muscle Onsets And Co-Contraction Of The Stance Leg

Chien-Ju Lin

Control Of Stability During Slope Lateral Walking

Kurt DeGoede

Reaction To A Loss Of Balance In Healthy Menopausal-Aged And Young Women

Alaa A. Ahmed

An Analysis Of Losses Of Balance During Tandem Stance On A Narrow Beam

Peter Davidson

Arm Fracture In Children's Falls

Noriyuki Yamamoto

The Characteristics Of Gait Pattern On The Slippery Surface

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