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Motor Control


Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Kazuyoshi Sakamoto

Evaluation Of Function Of Knee Joint By Physiological Tremor In Lower Leg

Maya Kawabata

Influence Of Hardness Of Bed On Hip Joint With Use Of Trunk Tremor

Maneesha Arashanapalli

Vibration Alters Proprioception And Dynamic Low Back Stability

Pete Shull

Bimanual Motor Control: Biological And Robotic System Learning Via Simultaneous Movement Requirements

David Sanderson

Recruitment Of Soleus And Gastrocnemius With Restricted And Unrestricted Ankle Motion

Akifumi Kijima

Coordination Change Between Gaze, Head And Hip Due To Early Eye Rotation During Open Cut Maneuver

Luc Selen

Impedance Modulation With Precision Demands In Discrete Movements

Oliver Wirth

Assessing Regularity In Voluntary Motor Activity With Approximate Entropy

Huang Yi Ming

The Effect Of Fatigue On The Control Of Targeted Isometric Dorsiflexion In Humans

Germano T. Gomes

Quantifying Upper Limb Motor Control: The Peg In Hole Test

Christopher Hasson

A Musculoskeletal Model Of Postural Control At The Ankle

Jingzhi Liu

Motor Control Strategy To Manage Central Fatigue

Sun Wook Kim

Preparation To A Predictable Perturbation During Multi-Finger Force Production

Hiroaki Hobara

Central And Peripheral Control Of Muscle Stiffness In Hopping

Ming-feng Kao

The Validity Of Active Squat Keen Joint Propriception

Kathy Jagodnik

Proportional Derivative Control for Planar Arm Movement

Radhika Kotina

Modeling and Control Of Human Postural Sway

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