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Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Natalie Ann Saunders

Differences In Lower-Limb Neuromuscular Control Between Sports Movements Executed In Laboratory And Game Settings

Lester Mayers

Landing Forces Produced In Tap Dance

Peter Milburn

Bilateral Symmetry In Single Leg Landings

Steven Blackburn

Development Of A Biomechanically Validated Turf Testing Rig

Hsiao-Yun Chang

Muscle Activation Pattern Of Lower Extremity Muscles In Selected Basketball Tasks

Thomas W. Kernozek

Changes In Lower Extremity Joint Stiffness With Landing After Fatigue

Kurt Clowers

Effects Of Power Generation On Evaluating Impact Attenuation In Landing

Thomas W. Kernozek

Rotational Spring And Damper Model Prediction During Landing

Eamonn Delahunt

Altered Ankle Joint Positioning During Jump Landing In Subjects With Functional Ankle Instability (FAI)

Paula H. Lobo da Costa

Biomechanical Approach To Ballet Movements: A Study Of The Effects Of Ballet Shoe And Musical Beat On The Vertical Reaction Forces

Yasuyuki Yoshida

Joint Kinetics And Posture Control During Drop Landings

Dieter Rosenbaum

Comparison Of The Effectiveness Of Orthoses Versus Proprioceptive Exercises For The Prevention Of Ankle Injuries In Basketball Players

Cheng-Feng Lin

Effects Of Hip And Knee Joint Motions During The Landing Of A Stop-Jump Task

John D. Willson

Utility Of The Frontal Plane Projection Angle Of The Knee During Single Leg Squats

Michelle Sabick

Differences In Center Of Pressure Movement Between Boys And Girls During One-Footed Landings

Scott C. Landry

Neuromuscular Gender Differences Exist During Unanticipated Running And Cutting Maneuvers Within An Elite Adolescent Soccer Population

Carla Murgia

Effects Of Proprioception And Strength Training On Injury Prevention In Adolescent And Young Adult Female Dancers

Bradley Black

Effects Of Jump Type On Ground Reaction Forces During Landing In Children

Radivoj Vasiljev

The Different Influence Of Leg Extensors In Development Peak Of Force In Drop Jump

Yang Hua Lin

Effects Of Taping Materials On Isokinetic Performance At The Ankle Muscles

Wei-Hua Ho

The Difference Of Net Muscle Torque Of Lower Extremity By Using Different Body Segment Parameter In Gymnast

Deborah King

Impact Mechanics During Stop And Go Tasks Under Fatigued And Non Fatigued Conditions

Brian M. Campbell

The Influence Of Knee And Ankle Bracing On Lower Extremity Kinetics And Kinematics During Jogging

Steve McCaw

Joint Torsional Stiffness Contributions To Leg Stiffness

Jennifer Jeansonne

Biomechanical Analysis Of Jumping Comparing Low- And High- ACL Injury Risk Groups: Identifying Possible Mechanical Risk Factors

Carla Sonsino Pereira

Ankle Muscular Activity During Landing In Volleyball Players With Functional Instability

Kristian O'Connor

The Effect Of Lower Extremity Fatigue On Shock Attenuation During Landing

Jennifer Earl

Effects Of Exaggerated Pronation And Supination On Lower Extremity Mechanics During A Cutting Maneuver

Rhonda Boros

Kinetics And Kinematics Of Males And Females During Two Styles Of Drop Landing

Bridget Munro

Quadricep-Hamstring Muscle Synchrony During Landing Movements: Is It Affected By Movement Direction?

Koji Zushi

Changes Of Spring-Like Leg Behavior According To Different Touch Down Velocities In Drop Long Jump

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