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Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Hsiang-Ho Chen

Biomechanical Comparison Of Fixation Techniques For Double Pars Fractures

Sang Min Joo

Computer Aided Pre-Operative Planning Of Fracture Reduction And Deformity Correction In Tibia With Hexapod External Fixator

Alexandre Terrier

Evaluation Of An Optimal Cement Thickness Around The Glenoid Component for Unconstrained Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Soo-jung Moon

Biomechanical Analysis On Design Variables In Relation To The Strength Of Compression Hip Screws

Suneel Battula

A Biomechanical Study Of The Pullout Strength Of The Self-Tapping Bone Screws In Osteoportic Bone Material Inserted To Different Depths

Ching-Lung Tai

Biomechanical Study In The Optimization Of Different Fixation Modes For A Proximal Femur L-Osteotomy- A Three Dimensional Finite Element Simulation

Miranda Shaw

A Pedicle Screw Based Design For An Artificial Facet Joint

Anthony Au

Internal Bone Stress Analysis Of Tibial Implant With Incorporation Of Soft Tissues

Fred Wentorf

Mechanical Evaluation Of Tension Band Orientation

Korboi Evans

Adjacent Load Transfer Following Vertebral Compression Fractures Treated By Cement Augmentation

Mike Ehlert

Axial Cyclic And Failure Loading Of Pedicle Screws

Larry Ehmke

Stability Of Plate Fixation Constructs With Locked And Non-Locked Screws

Thaddeus Thomas

Relating Fracture Energy To Clinical Outcome In Tibial Pilon Fracture Cases

Paul Weinhold

Three Versus Four Pegged Glenoid Components: A Biomechanical Evaluation Of Fixation Stability With Cyclical Loading

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