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Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Andrew Chapman

The Influence Of Cycling On Lower Limb Movement And Muscle Activation During Running In Triathletes

Alena Grabowski

Modeling The Benefits Of Towing During Adventure Racing, Running With Applied Horizontal Force

Laura Hild

Can A Runner's Economy And Arm Motion Be Affected By Feedback Training?

Jonas R. Mureika

The Effects Of Temperature, Pressure, And Humidity Variations On 100 Meter Sprint Performances

Chien-Hua Peng

Mechanomyography And Force Relationship During Concentric And Eccentric Contractions Of The Vastus Lateralis In Sprinters

Caroline Digby

High-Speed Coupling Characteristics Of The Foot And Shank During The Stance Phase Of Running

Daniel Gales

Ground Reaction Force Asymmetries During Sustained Running

Abbey Green

Ankle Plantar Flexor Moments Scale To Planning Time During Unexpected Side Step Cut Tasks

Ceri Diss

Quantifying Leg Elasticity In Male Veteran Runners

William J. McDermott

Mechanical Constraints Do Not Change The Strength Of Locomotor-Respiratory Coordination During Running

Samuel Brethauer

The Effects Of An Over-The-Counter Orthotic On Lower Extremity Kinematics In Male And Female Recreational Runners

Andre Seyfarth

Walking And Running On Place

Joseph Hamill

Intralimb Coordination In Female Runners With Tibial Stress Fractures

Carla Sonsino Pereira

Vertical Ground Reaction Force Differences In Runners With Leg Length Discrepancy - Preliminary Results

Yasushi Enomoto

A Biomechanical Comparison Of Kenyan And Japanese Elite Long Distance Runner's Techniques

Lan-Yuen Guo

Lower Extremity Kinematics During Jogging: Influence Of Treadmill Settings

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