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Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Ernst Albin Hansen

Performance After Prolonged Cycling At Freely Chosen And Optimal Pedal Rate

Felipe Pivetta Carpes

Development Of A Computer Application To Calculate Cyclists Front Area In Studies About Aerodynamics

Juliana K. Ribeiro

In-Shoe Pressure Analysis During Aero Jump In Different Cadences

Xin-Hai Shan

A Method To Diagnosis The Kinetic Characteristic Of The Straight Kick Performance

Mathijs Hofmijster

Effect Of Stroke Rate On Mechanical Power Flow In Rowing

Aaron Benson

Force Profile Comparison Of Rowing On A Stationary And Dynamic Ergometer

Mutsuko Nozawa

Relationship Between Rotational Movement And Translational Movement During The Golf Swing

Toyoaki Aoki

Effect Of Sun Light On Surface Temperature Of Artificial Sport Surfaces

Shinichiro Ito

Optimal Arm Stroke For Competitive Free Style Swimming

Linda McLean

Differences Between Operated And Non-Operated Shoulder Muscle Activation Patterns Recorded During The Dragon Boat "Long And Hard" Stroke

Takeshi Asai

Ball Impact Analysis In Football Using FEM Foot Model

Wang Hsiang-Hsin

Effects Of Passive Repeated Plyometric Training On Specific Kicking Performance Of Elite Olympic Taekwondo Player

Heather Gulgin

Comparison Of Golfers And Non-Golfers Weight-Bearing Hip Rotation Joint Range Of Motion

Chiang Liu

Reflex Modulation After Long Term Passive Repeated Plyometric Training

Syn Schmitt

Computer Simulation Of A Human Ski Jumper - A Complete Trial

Lee Shuei-Pi

A Comparison Of Isokinetic Leg Flexion And Extension Strength In Elite Adolescent Male Track And Field Athletes

Long-Ren Chuang

Biomechanical Analysis Of Punching Different Targets In Chinese Martial Arts

Fong-Wei Wang

Dynamical Analysis Of Indoor Eight People Make Tug Of War Attack Movements - European Back-Step And Japanese Back-Step

Andrew Chapman

Do Kinematics Of The Pelvis And Lower Limb Vary Between Novice And Highly Trained Cyclists?

Min-Chung Shen

Kinematic Analysis Of Kolman Acrobatics In The High Bar Exercise

Sekiya Koike

Kinetic Analysis Of Each Hand During Golf Swing With Use Of An Instrumeted Golf Club

Walter Quispe Marquez

A Biomechanical Analysis Of Spike Motion For Different Skill Levels Of Male Volleyball Players

Luciano L. Menegaldo

Study Of The Inverse Dynamics Optimal Control Technique In Cycling

Tetsunari Nishiyama

The Modification Of Pedaling Skill With Real-Time Representation Of Pedaling Force In Non-Cyclists

Laurelyn E. Keener

Comparison Of Dressage Rider Posture When Mounted On Different Horses

Jiro Doke

A Simple Mathematical Model Of Karate Front Kick

Ines Benkhemis

Influence Of Loads To The Joint Moments And Mucle Force Repartition In Sprint Cycling Test

Kjartan Halvorsen

The Influence Of Inclined Support Surface On The Biomechanics Of Eccentric Overload In Squats

Bryan K. Lindsay

Predictors Of Success In The 3000M Steeplechase Water Jump

Tetsu Yamada

Comparison Of The Knee Joint Between The Skilled And Unskilled Subjects During The Kip Maneuver On The Horizontal Bar

Alan Lai

Validation Of A Theoretical Rowing Model Using Experimental Data

Chih-Hang Lien

Dynamic Stability Strategy For Elite Judoists In Balance Control For Anterior And Posterior Perturbations

Chia-Nen Chan

Elelectromyographic Linear Envelope Analysis Of Golf Swing For Trunk Motion In Asian Players: A Case Study

Shu-ting Chen

The Comparsion Of Effectiveness Between Grab Start And Track Start In Competitive Swimming

Takayuki Sato

The Difference Of Fitness Level Evaluated From The Mechanical And External Work During Bicycle Exercise

Bryan Morrison

The Effect Of Aging On Stroke Parameters In Swimming

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