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Upper Extremity & Wheelchair


Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Jean-Sebastien Roy

The Impact Of Using Different Calculation Methods And Local Coordinate Systems When Measuring 3D Scapular Attitudes.

Alicia Koontz

Electromyography Of Trunk Muscles During Wheelchair Propulsion

Tomoko Aoki

Prehension Synergies: Effects Of Friction

Anne Katrine Blangsted

Changes In Mechano- And Electromyogram During Low-Force Static Contraction In Subjects With Unilateral Epicondylitis Lateralis

Sungwoo Koh

Mechanical Properties Of The Shoulder Ligaments under Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loading

Paul Pei-Hsi Chou

Relationship Between Elbow Flexion Angle And Joint Loading Of The Upper Extremity During A Close-Chain Exercise

Lin, Hui-Ting

Determining The Resting Position Of The Glenohumeral Joint In Normal Subjects

Pernille Kofoed Nielsen

Muscle Tissue Composition, Muscular Tenderness, And Force Production In Subjects With Unilateral Epicondylitis Lateralis

Duane Morrow

Assessing Shoulder Kinematics In A Subject With A Spinal Accessory Neuropathy

Philippe Favre

An Algorithm For Estimation Of Shoulder Muscle Forces For Clinical Use

C.G.M. Meskers

Comparison Between Tripod And Skin Fixed Recording Of Scapular Motion

David Suprak

Three-Dimensional Shoulder Joint Position Sense

Joseph Langenderfer

Variability Of Glenohumeral External Rotator Muscle Moment Arms

Geraldo F. S. Moraes

Scapular Muscle Recruitment And Isokinetic Force Production In Individuals With Impingement Syndrome

Paula Ludewig

Volumetric Measurement Of The Subacromial Space At The Shoulder

Edward Chadwick

Stiffness Measurement Of The Glenohumeral Joint

Hisaichi Ohnabe

Evaluation Of Newly Designed Cushion For Electric Power Wheelchair Driving

Laurel Kuxhaus

Reproducing Physiologic Moment Arms With An Elbow Simulator

Catarina Tainha

Shoulder Kinematics During Clinical Glenohumeral Tests. Differences Between No-Players And Water Polo Players

Philip S. Requejo

Wrist Electromyography And Kinematics When Propelling Standard, Compliant, And Power-Assisted Pushrim Wheelchairs: A Pilot Study

Kevin A. Rider

Superposition Of Optimal Submovements In Feedback-Controlled Reaching

Yasushi Koyama

The Dodge Movement During The Lat Pull-Down Exercise Increased Scapula ROM

Po-Chou Lin

Influence Of Seat Height On Pitch Angle And Pushrim Kinetics During A Wheelie Activity

Koh Inoue

Estimation For Dynamic Measurement Of Scapula Kinematics using Electromagnetic TraKing Device

Anamaria Acosta

The Effect Of Shoulder Girdle Coordination On Upper Extremity Workspace In Stroke

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