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Musculoskeletal Modeling


Thursday, Aug 04, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Thomas Pressel

Functions Of Hip Joint Muscles

Samuel J. Howarth

Using The Eigenvector To Locate Spinal Instability

Martijn Klein Horsman

Morphological Muscle And Joint Parameters For Musculoskeletal Modelling Of The Lower Extremity

Akinori Nagano

Development Of A Three-Dimensional Simulation Model Of The Human Whole Body

Bing Yu

An EMG Driven Optimization Model For Estimating Dynamic Knee Muscle Forces Without Maximum Muscle Voluntary Contraction Test

Elizabeth Chumanov

Lateral Hamstrings Are Stretched More Than The Medial Hamstrings During Sprinting

Matthew Pain

Determining Subject Specific Torque-Velocity Relationships

Chris Mills

Modeling The Gymnast-Mat Interaction During Vault Landings

Costis Maganaris

Muscle Fibre Length-To-Moment Arm Ratios In The Human Lower Limb

Dimitrios Baltzopoulos

Can The Patellar Tendon Moment Arm Length Be Predicted From Anthropometric Characteristics?

Costis Maganaris

Effects Of Isometric And Isokinetic Contractions On The Patellar Tendon Moment Arm

Jim Potvin

Hip Stability: Mechanical Contributions Of Individual Muscles

Weidong Luo

Can A Single Scale Factor Be Used To Scale Femur Bone Models?

Veronica J. Santos

Implementing Data-Driven Models Of The Human Thumb Into A Robotic Grasp Simulator To Predict Grasp Stability

Daniel Bassett

Predicting Ankle Joint Moments In Subjects With Normal And Abnormal Gait

Madhusudhan Venkadesan

The Continuum Of Mixtures Of Feedback And Feedforward Control Strategies Used In Dynamical Dexterous Manipulation Can Be Explored At The Boundary Of Instability

Przemyslaw Prokopow

Effects Of Timing Of Muscle Activation On Performance In Vertical Jump

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