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Gait and Locomotion



Tuesday, Aug 02, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Max Kurz

An Artificial Neural Network That Explores The Role Of Sensory Information For Learning The Neural Connections For Locomotion

Tonya Parker

Longitudinal Study Of Gait Stability After Concussion

Susanne Lipfert

Leg Stiffness In Walking And Running

Chris Hurt

Is There A Gait Transition Between Run And Sprint?

Robyn M. Wharf

Kinetic Analysis Of Gait On Inclined Surfaces

Wang Xishi

The Stress Level Analysis For Dynamic Cases At Human Hip Joint

Dieter Rosenbaum

Leg Length And Leg Torsion Measurement With Ultrasound In Children During One Year - First Results

Songning Zhang

Ground Reaction Forces And 3D Kinematics Of Short-Leg Walking Boots In Gait

Marina Gouvali

The Variability Of Dynamic And Spatio-Temporal Parameters Of The Running Stride

Nobuhiro Kito

Phase Plane Analysis Of Stability In Turning Movement In Subjects With Functional Ankle Instability

Alan Hreljac

Kinetic Factors Influencing The Gait Transition Speed During Human Locomotion

Lei Ren

Prediction Of Human Walking Based On Simple Gait Descriptor

Wolfgang I. Schoellhorn

The Influence Of Music On Kinematic And Dynamic Gait Patterns

Christina Danielli C. M. Faria

Relationships Between Iliotibial Band Length And Frontal Plane Pelvic Tilt

Jesús Cámara

The Influence Of The Firemen Boots On The Heel Strike Transient During Walking

Matthew Seeley

The Effect Of Mild Limb Length Inequality On Able-Bodied Gait Asymmetry: A Preliminary Analysis.

Andrea Lay

Control Strategy Transitions During Slope Walking

Patricia V. de Souza

Biomechanic Analysis Of The Force Applied In Aquatic Gait Of Humans Immersed At The Sternum Level

Shih-Chiao Tseng

Evidence Of Movement Control Adaptation In A Lower Extremity Motor Task

Patricia V. de Souza

Dynamometric Analysis Of The Anteroposterior Force Applied In Aquatic Human Gait

Kotaro Sasaki

Differences In Muscle Function Between Walking And Running At The Preferred Walk-Run Transition Speed

Rong-Ju Cherng

Effect Of A Dual Task On Walking Performance In Preschool Children

Chris Rhea

Gait Adaptation: Lead Toe Clearance Continually Decreased Over Multiple Exposures With And Without On-Line Visual Information

Philippe Malcolm

Treadmill Versus Overground Run To Walk And Walk To Run Transition Speed In Unsteady State Locomotion Conditions

Sam Walcott

Pseudo-Elasticity And Kinetic Energy Storage: Definitions And Applications To Human Movement

Prism S. Schneider

Effect Of Dynamic Ankle Joint Stiffness On Joint Mechanics And Muscle Activation Patterns During Locomotion

Jeremy Noble

Adaptive Changes In Lower Limb Coordination In Response To Unilateral Loading During Treadmill Locomotion

Paul DeVita

Lower Extremity Joint Work Is Larger In Ascending vs. Descending Gaits

Cara L. Lewis

Walking In Greater Hip Extension Increases Predicted Anterior Hip Joint Reaction Forces

Andre Seyfarth

Hip Control In Locomotion

Katrina Simpson

Do Lower Limb Muscle Activity Patterns Change With Prolonged Load Carriage?

Ava Segal

The Method Of Using Phase Plane Portraits And First Return Maps To Examine Turning

Rebecca Whissell

Is Child Weight To Bag Weight The Best Way To Assess Risk Of Low Back Pain In Children Due To Backpack Use?

Robert B. Eckhardt

Short Stature Or Tall Story? Hypothesis And Imagination In Body Size Reconstruction Of LB1 From Flores, Indonesia

Shigehito Matsubara

Symmetry And Asymmetry In The Lower Limbs Of Athletes During Gait

Robert B. Eckhardt

Was The Early Hominid Brain Musclebound?

Michael Bohne

The Effects Of Hiking Downhill Using Two Trekking Poles While Carrying Different External Loads in A Backpack

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