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Tuesday, Aug 02, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Archana Sangole

Patterns Of Hand Motor Dysfunction In Brain Injury

Wen-Lin Tung

Effect Of Bilateral Reaching On Affected Arm Motor Control In Stroke - With And Without Loading On Unaffected Arm

Jyh-Jong Chang

Effects Of Bilateral Resistance-Induced Arm Movement Training On Arm Motor Function In Chronic Stroke

Tung-Wu Lu

Kinematic And Kinetic Analysis Of Sit-To-Stand With And Without A Cane In Hemiplegic Subjects

Shashank Raina

The Effect Of Foot Placement On Sit-To-Stand With And Without Walker Assistance

Zhen-Wei Wu

Muscle Coordination In Stroke Patients' Upper Limbs

Wen-Shen Liao

Postural Adjustment Of Spinal Cord Injured Subjects With Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis

Stephanie J. Nogan

Effects Of Trunk And Hip Stimulation During Bimanual Reaching After Spinal Cord Injury

Luci Fuscaldi Teixeira-Salmela

Speed Related Changes In Lower Limb Joint Contributions To Mechanical Energy During Gait Of Stroke Subjects

Kisik Tae

Repetitive Symmetric Arm Training And Motor Cortex Activation In Chronic Hemiparetic Patients

H.A.M. Seelen

Effects Of AFO-Assisted Ankle Angle Position On Dynamic Knee Stability In Brain Injured And Spinal Cord Injured Patients

Rong-Ju Cherng

Effect Of Gait Training With Treadmill And Suspension In Children With Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Michael D. Ellis

Shoulder-Position Dependant Elbow Torque Coupling During Adduction After Stroke

Jose Luis Lujan

Unique Solution For Feed-Forward Control Of Neuroprosthetic Systems Characterized By Redundant Muscles Acting On Multiple Degrees Of Freedom

Daniel Theoret

Three Dimensional Knee Joint Kinematics And Lower Limb Muscle Activity Of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficient Knee Joint Participants Wearing A Functional Knee Brace During Running

Mark E. Dohring

Characterization Of Intralimb Coordination Deficits In Chronic Patients

Henry Wang

Biomechanical Analysis Of Sit-To-Stand After Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

Mohammad Reza Fotoohabadi

Hip-Spine Interaction During Sit-To-Stand In Healthy Young Subjects

Chris Mizelle

Center Of Pressure Measures Predict Hemiparetic Gait Velocity

Antoinette Domingo

Muscle Activation During Manually Assisted Treadmill Training After Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

John W. Chow

Bilateral Comparisons Of Isokinetic Knee Strength In Unilateral Total Knee Replacement Individuals

Jen-Suh Chern

Center Of Pressure Trajectory During Whole Body Reaching In Hemiplegic Patients

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