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Tuesday, Aug 02, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Mehrdad Anbarian

Effect Of Different Wedge Conditions On Joint Angle Changes During Single-Limb Stance

Gong Shi Wei

Energy Flow In High Heel Shoes In Walking

Karen Julie Mickle

Do Overweight And Obesity Affect Dynamic Plantar Pressure Distributions In Pre-School Children?

Weng-Pin Chen

Dynamic Simulation And Experimental Validation Of The Plantar Foot Pressure During Heel Strike

Anneleen De Cock

A Foottype Classification With Cluster Analysis On Plantar Pressure Distribution During Barefoot Jogging

Yi-Ling Chiu

Effect Of Walking Speed In Change Of The Peak Plantar Pressure Distribution

Richard Jones

In Vitro Study Of Foot Kinematics Using A Walking Simulator

Jeremy Crenshaw

The Effect Of Laterally Wedged Orthoses On Talus Angle

Richard Jones

Effects Of Different Profiles Of Lateral Wedging On Knee Adduction Moments During The Loading Period Of The Gait Cycle

David Wallace

Ground Reaction Forces During Level Walking With And Without Lateral Heel Wedge Orthotics

Nachiappan Chockalingam

Ankle Joint Dorsiflexion: Assessment Of The True Values

XueCheng Liu

Dynamic 6-Segment-Foot Motion Using Electromagnetic Tracking System

Christopher G. Neville

The Effect Of Hindfoot And Forefoot Positions On Posterior Tibialis Muscle Length

Michael Voigt

Electrogoniometric Evaluation Of Foot Kinematics During Walking At Different Velocities

Sicco Bus

Offloading The Diabetic Foot Using Forefoot Offloading Shoes

Matthew Cowley

Differences In Midfoot Rotations Between Foot Types

William R. Ledoux

Quasi-Linear Viscoelastic Properties Of The Plantar Soft Tissue In Compression

John H. Challis

Mechanical Properties Of The Human Heel Pad: A Comparison Between Populations

Philippe Young

An Innovative Tool For Generating Numerical Models Of The Human Foot

Kiersten Anas

Medial Longitudinal Arch Motion And The Windlass Effect During Gait

Jaebum Son

A New Frontal Plane Foot Model Shows The Effect Of Narrowed Base Of Support On Unipedal Balance

Howard J Hillstrom

How Does Shoe Upper Design Influence Plantar Pressure Distribution?

Jinsup Song

Can A Sandal Arch Support Reduce Plantar Hallucial Microcirculation?

Ahmet Erdemir

Therapeutic Footwear Design: A Finite Element Modeling Approach

Zaid M. Hasasneh

Relationship Between Pressure And Shear Under The Foot

Michael J. Mueller

Finite Element Analysis On The Effect Of Soft Tissue Thickness On Plantar Pressures In Subjects With Diabetes And Peripheral Neuropathy

Donovan J. Lott

Relationship Between Soft Tissue Deformation And Applied Pressure Along The Second Ray Of The Plantar Neuropathic Foot

Dequan Zou

Pressure Gradient As A Potential Indicator Of Plantar Skin Injury On The Neuropathic Foot

W.U. Lijun

Computer Simulation For Internal Stability Of Foot Longitudinal Arch

Robin Queen

The Reliability And Reproducibility Of Foot Measurements Using A Mirrored Foot Photo Box Compared To Caliper Measurements

Jongpeel Joo

Prediction Of Cycle Shoe Performance In Relation To Outsole Materials Based On Biomechanical Testing And Finite Element Analysis

Mehrdad Anbarian

Foot Type Classification Using Fuzzy Logic

Gautham Gopalakrishna

Biomechanically Designed Scientifically Appropriate Diabetic Footwear

Smita Rao

Changes In Mechanical Characterestics Of The Plantar Flexor Muscles In Individuals With Diabetes Mellitus

Annaliese Dowling

How Does Obesity And Gender Affect Foot Shape And Structure In Children?

Jason Wilken

The First Metatarsal As A Fixed Strut: New Insights Into Dynamic Arch Function

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