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Tissue and Biomaterials



Tuesday, Aug 02, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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John Wu

Measurement Of Nonlinear-Elastic Properties Of Skin And Subcutaneous Tissues Via Unconfined Compression Tests

Kristen Bethke

Creating A Skin Strain Field Map With Application To Advanced Locomotion Spacesuit Design

Donald Sherman

Evaluation And Quantification Of Bruising

Pablo-Jesus Rodríguez-Cervantes

Effect Of The Prefabricated Metallic Post Length On Restored Teeth: Fracture Strength And Stress Distribution

J. Lawrence Katz

Micromechanical Analysis Of Dentin Elastic Anisotropy

Aaditya C. Devkota

Analysis Of Collagenase, Collagen, And Glycosaminoglycan Content Of Cyclically Loaded Tendon Explants In Culture

Tim Wrigley

Biomechanical Features Of Normal Patellar Tendons And Those With Patellar Tendinopathy

Mikhail Perelmuter

A Micromechanical Model Of The Periodontal Ligament

Emika Kato

Repetitive Muscle Contractions Induce Mechanical Changes Of Achilles Tendon

Scott Lucas

Failure Properties Of Cervical Spinal Ligaments Under High-Rate Loading

Megumi Ohta

Isometric Training Alters Mechanical Properties Of Tendon Structures

Brian P. Beaubien

An Experimental Method For Mechanical Analysis Of The Interspinous And Supraspinous Ligaments

Yeung Chi Keung

Denervation Impairs Achilles Tendon Healing In Rat Model

Robin Adams

Density Changes in Bovine Tendon Resulting from Buffered and Unbuffered Solutions

Abhijit Bhatia

The Effect Of Glycosaminoglycans And Hydration On Viscoelastic Properties Of Aortic Valve

Judit E. Puskas

Evaluation Of The Fatigue Properties Of Rubbery Biomaterials Using The Hysteresis Method

L.Y. Li

Nonlinear Analysis Of The Behaviour Of The Human Cornea

Nai-Shang Liou

Investigating Full Field Deformation Of Soft Tissue Under Simple Shear Tests By The Fourier Transter Moiré Method

Takatsugu Furukawa

Effect Of Viscosity On Local Impedance Of Biological Gel:

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