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Methods in Movement Analysis



Tuesday, Aug 02, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Rochelle Nicholls

In Vitro Ligament Strain Measurement: Can Implantable And Non-Invasive Methods Yield Comparable Results?

Zhiqing Cheng

Use Of Wavelets In The Analyses Of Biodynamic Responses

Sujani N. Agraharasamakulam

Comparison Of Two Ankle Electrogoniometers And Motion Analysis

David Miller

An Improved Surrogate Method For Detecting The Presence Of Chaos In Gait

Lei Ren

Generalized Approach To Three-Dimensional Marker-Based Motion Analysis Of Biomechanical Multi-Segment System

Xiaofeng Wang

Lasr: A New Analytical Tool To Increase Information Retrieval From Complex Images

Jill Brimacombe

Validation Of Calibration Techniques For Tekscan Pressure Sensors

Maria Lebiedowska

Experimentally Derived Model Of Human Body Growth

Stacie Ringleb

Mechanical Properties Of Relaxed And Contracted Thigh Muscles Using Magnetic Resonance Elastography

Samuel Bertrand

Estimation Of Human Internal And External Geometry From Selected Body Measurements

Frank L. Buczek

Comparing Normal Gait Analyses Using Conventional And Least-Squares Optimized Tracking Methods

Andre Plamondon

Validation Of A Dosimeter For The Three-Dimensional Measurement Of Trunk Motion

Raviraj Nataraj

Artificial Neural Network Prediction Of Center Of Pressure Using Trunk Acceleration Inputs During Perturbed Human Bipedal Stance

David W. Wagner

Dynamic Calibration Of An Extended-Range Electromagnetic Flock Of Birds Motion Tracking System

Richard Jones

Prediction Of Lower Limb Segment Kinematics From Foot Accelerations

Stephane Armand

Extraction Of Knowledge For Movement Analysis Data - Example In Clinical Gait Analysis.

Na Jin Seo

Methods To Measure Static Coefficient Of Friction Between Hand And Other Materials

Wangdo Kim

Estimating The Axis Of A Screw Motion From Noisy Data - New Method Based On Plücker Lines

Ming Wu

Evaluate The Potential Contributions Of Swing Leg To The Stability Of Body During Single Foot Support Phase Of Walking

Timothy R. Derrick

Extraction Of The Impact From Vertical Ground Reaction Forces

Lise Worthen

Design Of A Gait Laboratory To Enable Biomechanical Analysis Of Individuals With Post-Stroke Walking Deficits: Force Platform Positioning

Sujatha Srinivasan

An Analytically Tractable Model For A Complete Gait Cycle

Michelle Sabick

Differences In Joint Kinetics In Girls Due To Choice Of Body Segment Parameters

Robert J. Jack

Validation Of The Vicon 460 Motion Capture System For Whole-Body Vibration Acceleration Determination

Young-Hoo Kwon

A 3-Dimensional Camera Calibration Algorithm For Underwater Motion Analysis With Refraction Correction Capability

Kurt Manal

A Numerical Method For Determining Ideal Camera Placement

Laura Held

Parameterization Of Joint Kinematics Using Quaternions

Laura Bray

Development Of A Novel Barefoot Torsional Flexibility Device: A Pilot Study

Richard J. Beck

Simulation Of Longitudinal Arterial Stretch In The Lower Limbs During Gait

Walter Rapp

Calculating Anatomical Leg Structures From Surface Contours

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