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Biomechanics of Aging


Tuesday, Aug 02, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Victoria Hood

Developing A Computer Aided Design Tool For Inclusive Design

Susan K M Wilson

Load Distribution During Sit-Stand-Sit Using An Instrumented Chair

Victoria Hood

Biomechanics Of Stair Descent In Older Adults

Kenneth Meijer

Running Does Not Protect Against Age-Related Gait Adaptations

Masaya Anan

The Relation Of The Trunk-Pelvic Movement And Lower Extremity Joint Moment On Elderly People During The Sit-To-Stand Motion

Bih-Jen Hsue

Balance And Gait Of Elderly Women During Stairs Locomotion In High-Heeled Shoes

Jansen Atier Estrázulas

Kinetic Characteristics Of Gait In Children, Adults And Elderly

Hao-Ling Chen

Comparisons Of The Lower Limb Mechanics Between Young And Older Adults When Crossing Obstacles Without Visual Guide

Carolina Mitre Chaves

Sit-To-Stand Performance With Young And Elderly Subjects

Munetsugu Kouta

Biomechanical Analysis Of Sit-To-Walk Frequently Observed In Daily Living: Effect Of Speed On Healthy Elderly Persons

Chia-Huei Shen

Electromyography And Leg Stiffness Comparison Between Old An Young Adults In Descent Stair Walking

Hidetaka Okada

Kinetic Characteristics Of Middle-Aged And Older Adults During Walking

Robert Shapiro

Biodynamic Changes Accompying Age And Inactivity In Females

Misono Sakai

Postural Control Against Perturbation During Walking

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