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Tuesday, Aug 02, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Ching-Cheng Chiang

The Effects Of The Tennis Slice Backhand With Different Ball Speeds On The Bounce Angle

Yi-Ming Huang

Intermuscular Coordination Analysis Of Skilled Double-Handed Backhand And Single-Forehand Players

Yuh-Yih Lin

Vibration Analysis Of Tennis Racket Caused By Impact Between Different Configuration And Additional Weight

Jinn-Yen Chiang

Properties Of Tennis Racket Made By Differential Carbon Fibre

Tsai, Chien-Lu

Biomechanical Analysis Of EMG Activity Between Badminton Smash And Drop Shot

Ti-Yu Chen

The Vibration And Coefficient Of Restitution Analysis In Tennis Racketsvaried With Material Composition And Fiber Arrangement

Katie B. O'Keefe

Joint Velocity Sequence Of The Upper Extremity During Fly-Casting

Joshua R. Allen

Upper Extremity Kinematics During Fly-Casting

Hsiente Peng,

Electromyographic Analyses Of Standing Shot Put Throw

Michele LeBlanc

Factors Affecting The Javelin's Attitude Angle In American Javelin Throwers

Tsung-Ying Hung

Investigatation Of Appropriate Weighted Bat By Muscle Activity

Tomoyuki Matsuo

Does Course Of A Preceding Pitch Influence Baseball Batting As They Say?

Takahito Tago

The Trunk Twist Angle During Baseball Batting At The Different Hitting Points

Brady Tripp

Functional Fatigue Decreases Three-Dimensional Multijoint Position Reproduction In Overhead Athletes

Tomohisa Miyanishi

Transfer Of Angular Momentum In The Baseball Batting

Tsutomu Jinji

Aerodynamic Characteristics Of Baseballs Delivered From A Pitching Machine

Rene Ferdinands

Elbow Angle Excursion Slope As A Determinant Of Bowling Legality

Daisaku Hirayama

The Kinematic Changes Of Pitching During A Simulated Baseball Game

Yi-Ling Chiang

Rotation Characteristics Of The Shoulder, Torso, And Pelvis During Pitching For Taiwan Elite And Subelite Collegiate Baseball Pitchers

Alexander Willmott

A Model For Assessing The Contributions Of Hand Forces And Torques To The Speed Of A Swinging Implement: Application To The Field Hockey Hit

David Pearsall

Ice Hockey Stick Recoil Mechanics

Chien-Nan Liao

Characteristics Of Muscle Activity In Distal And Proximal Upper Extremities In Different Phases For Taiwan Olympic Female Archery Players

Cheng-Ming Hu

Muscle Activation By Olympic Female Archers At Different Releasing Rhythms

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