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Ergonomics 3


Tuesday, Aug 02, 05, 15:45 


UC 201


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Carol Murphy

Children's Postural Changes At Adult Computer Workstations

Taylor Murphy

A Comparison Of Task And Muscle Specific Isometric Submaximal EMG Data Normalization Techniques For The Analysis Of Muscle Loads During Hydraulic-Actuation Joystick Controller Use

Joshua S. Danker

Investigation Of Shoulder Range Of Motion Limits For Application To Ergonomic Analysis

HyunWook Lee

Trunk Stiffness Improvement By Physical Therapy/Exercise During Unstable Sitting

Reuben Escorpizo

Work Time And Rest Percentage During Pick-And-Place Task

Luke Wooldridge

Kinetic Evaluation Of Right Shoulder And Elbow During Spiccato Technique Violin Bowing

Timothy N. Judkins

Electromyographic Correlates Of Robotic Laparoscopic Training

Sivaram Shanmugam

Hand Movement Analysis Of The Elderly When Using A Remote Control

Kristine Krajnak

The Biodynamic And Physiological Responses Of The Rat Tail To A Single Bout Of Vibration Exposure

Kenji Narazaki

Training And Performance Of Robotic Laparoscopy: Electromyographic Analysis To Quantify The Extent Of Proficiency

Michael Holmes

Motion Induced Interruptions During Simulated Ship Motions

Julie Matthews

Thoracolumbar Kinematics During Lifting Exertions In Moving Environments

Hitoshi Yanagi

Upper Limb Motion During Snow Shoveling With Regular And Modified Shovel

Joan Stevenson

Theoretical Basis Of A Load Carriage Limit Equation

Alvin Au

The Effects Of Submaximal Shoulder Moment, Task Precision And Mental Demand On Muscle Activity During Grip Exertions

D. Christian Grieshaber

Forearm Muscle Activity During Three Hose Insertion Tasks As Measured By Surface Electromyography Of The Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Muscle

David Andrews

Acceptable Peak Forces And Impulses During Manual Hose Insertions

Krystyna Gielo-Perczak

An Investigation Of The Congruity In Geometry Of The Glenohumeral Joint On The Maximum Acceptable Load During Pushing

Bente R. Jensen

Reduced Force Control And Increased Contralateral Trapezius Co-Activation Among Subjects With Work Related Musculoskeletal Symptoms

Alison Godwin

Virtual Jack Manikin Used To Assess Postural Variables And Visibility Measures

Joel A. Cort

An Electromyographic And Psychophysical Examination Of Fastener Initiations In Automotive Assembly

Stuart Fraser

Target Acquisition By Pilots Wearing Various Head-Supported Masses During Simulated Flight

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